About us

Asmaran Podology

Established in 2016, The Asmaran Podology was the first private podiatry Clinic to open in Iran. Our clinic is an extension of family and you’ll feel that family welcome when you visit. We have podiatrists who are fully registered and trained to treat all aspects of podiatry.

Our mission is to help everyone move well and be active!

Asmaran Podology offer a wide range of podiatry services to adults, children and sports people. We understand that every person’s feet are individual and therefore require specialized assessment, management and care.

The podiatry clinic is open Saturday to Thursday .

We look forward to seeing you!


Ms. Asal Rezafar

Asal Rezafar is the founder of Asmaran Podology

and has completed further studies in :

- podiatry (treatment of nails and foot diseases)
- Art Therapy
- Orthodontic nail
- Medical pedicures and manicures
- The Diagnosis and Treatment of Nail Disorders